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Research is still inconclusive that Vitamin C or E can protect against cancer or heart diseases but it is very clear that these nutrients are crucial for the health of our bodies,
Tomato (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
particularly, our skin.

When I was expecting my first born, the clinic that I visit for my monthly prenatal check-up was next door to a pharmacy.  

One day, I dropped in at the pharmacy to buy some ointment.  The lady at the counter was around her late fifties. She glanced at my bump and asked how far was my pregnancy.  I replied I was in my first trimester. She then proceeded to tell me about vitamin E and extolling it's effectiveness in preventing stretch marks and dry skin.  She said she would regularly apply vitamin E cream on her arms. 

I was sold lock, stock and barrel when she pulled up her long sleeve and revealed a smooth, even toned skin. The only question in my mind was why she did not apply this  wonderful cream on her face and neck? Both areas show signs of wrinkles and sagging. Her hands and arms may look like early thirties but her face and neck.....late fifties. If I may say so, and not to be judgemental , it was a contradiction.

Anyway, I bought the vitamin E cream and faithfully applied it on my stomach. The cream was fragrance free and after applying, my skin felt silky smooth. After my delivery, and when my body went back to normal, there was not a single stretch mark on my stomach.  However, I did not think of applying the cream on my thighs and of course, the stretch marks were obvious. In hindsight, I should have included the thighs but it goes to show that the vitamin E is really very good for preventing stretch marks. 

Vitamin E creams can be uses sparingly on your face as you will be prone to breakouts especially if you have oily skin. The cream is more suited to dry or normal skin types.

I have met my friend's cousin who worked with a local TV station as a producer who daily uses Vitamin E cream on her face. Being blessed with normal skin, her face literary glowed with health. Her skin texture was so fine and not an open pore was in sight.  And that she was makeup  free really proves the efficacy of this vitamin.
If you are pregnant or overweight or losing the pounds, try Vitamin E cream on your body.  It definitely helped me when I needed it most. I have to thank the pharmacy lady for her advice.

As a food, Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant and may prevent a range of other diseases.  A regular diet that contains Vitamin E can help you maintain a healthy and youthful skin.

Here are a list of natural foods that are packed with Vitamin E

Per serving, fortified ready-to-eat cereals will give you approximately 1.6 to 12.8 mg. Be sure to check the label if it is sugar and salt free.

Cornflakes and pseudo-espresso (really just ve...
Cornflakes with milk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dry roasted sunflower seeds provides 7.4 mg   and 165 calories per ounce.

Dry Sunflower Seed and Kernel. Photo credit: Wikipedia

Almonds have very high Vitamin C, 7.3 mg   and 164 calories per ounce.

Almond plant, flower and seedling Photo credit:Wikipedia

Unshelled and shelled Almonds
Blanched Almonds
One tablespoon cottonseed oil gives 4.8 mg.  
Cotton bolls ready for harvest
Top: Cotton tree Bottom: cotton seeds Photo credit Wikipedia

One tablespoon of safflower oil yields 4.6 mg.
Safflower Photo credit: Wikipedia
The humble turnip green can give 2.9 mg and 24 calories in half a cup.  In addition the turnip leave has 441 mg of Vitamin A in the form of beta carotene and 24 calories. It also contains Vitamin C, folate, Vitamin K and calcium. The young leaves can be added to salad, or boil it twice, replace the water in between, and serve as a side dish.
Turnip Root Photo credit: Wikipedia

File:Turnip Greens-1.jpg
Turnip greens Photo credit:Wikipedia

Mustard and Dandelion greens have similar leafy healthy boost.
Dandelion Plant Photo credit: Wikipedia
Mustard Greens Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Tomato paste can give 2.8 mg or equivalent to one quarter cup. Tomatoes also have potassium 34 mg lycopene and 54 calories. Tomato paste is cooked longer and is thicker in consistency

Canned tomato paste Photo Credit: Wikipedia
Tomato puree or tomato sauce both have 2.5 mg in half a cup. Tomato puree is the pulp of fresh tomatoes that are lightly cooked.

Tomato passata 5807-2.jpg
A spoonful of tomato puree. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Pine nuts contain 2.6 mg and 191 calories in one ounce. Pine nuts can be added to pasta dishes or salads or as a tasty snack.

Shelled European Pine Nuts Photo Credit:Wikipedia

Shelled Korean Pine Nuts Photo Credit:Wikipedia

Peanut butter provides 2.5mg and 192 calories per two tablespoons. Spread it on wheat bread, plain biscuits or eat it by itself can be very satisfying! Smooth or crunchy, the choice is yours.

Smooth Peanut Butter Photo Credit:Wikipedia
As a topping for hot cereals, plain toasted wheat germ has 2.3 mg and 54 calories per two tablespoons.
Toasted Wheat Germ 
Half an avocado yields 2.1 mg and 161 calories. Cube and toss it with salad, eat it raw or make into a paste to spread on toasted bread or with a tortilla wrap.

Close-up picture of foliage and avocado fruit
Avocado Fruit and Tree Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Avocado Fruit and Seed Photo Credit: Wikipedia

My next topic for discussion is, "Health Benefits of Green Tea."

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