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It is not just the texture, Curly hair comes in all shapes sizes and length. Some are slightly wavy while others are really tightly wound coils. It can be the size of a pen spring or a fat marker.  But what is the one factor that remain the same.  To find the answer, read on.

What remains the same is in the care and nourishment for curly hair. You want the curls but not the frizz right?  Here are 10 tips for people who are seeking well-defined curls.

How to shampoo?

Always clean and condition your hair pointing downwards. The reason is that when you manipulate your curls too much, it will cause them to frizz and not in a good way.  So instead of washing your hair standing upright, bend over, wash and then flip your head back to let the water drip down the length of your hair as you shower.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

With regular conditioning and deep conditioning will ensure consistently well-defined curls.  Do not use oils.  When the curls are dry and rough, it will simply not have the same definition as that of well-conditioned curls.

Keep it wet

When applying hair products, your hair should still be wet.  After cleansing and conditioning, do not towel dry.  In fact, never towel dry.   Instead, squeeze the excess water from your hair and use the towel only to wrap your shoulders and let your hair drip dry.

Begin applying your styling products.  The reason why you should not let your hair go dry without product on it is because it will continue to dry.  When you have products on it while wet is the secret to locking in the moisture and style.

If you notice, curls tend to clump together.  You can unclump them with a paddle brush, wide toothcomb or even with your finger.  A syou work through wet hair, you will find that the curls are grabbing onto other curls.  Let your hair take the lead and allow the curls to fall naturally.


Section your hair so that it gets full coverage of hair products.  How many sections will depend on the thickness of your hair.  It may be from two to eight sections.  Use plastic clips or grips to keep the sections in place.  Begin at the back of the head and apply product from the roots to the ends for every section.  This way will ensure a well-defined hair all round.

No scrunching(grabbing curls in your fist and rubbing it together with fingers)

Leave scrunching for wavy long hair that has big curls.  Once your products are in your hair, do not scrunch it.  Scrunching an already curly hair will only make it become frizzy.

Quality Products

Look for products that are specifically designed for curly hair.  Ask your hair stylist for recommendations or if you like the curls on women you know or meet, just get the name of the brand they use and go get them.  

It may be expensive but the results are well worth it.  If you go for cheap stuff, you will end up with curly hair that feels crunchy and dry.

Don't touch the curls!

Once you have put all the products, combed or worked through with your finger, just leave your style alone.  Allow it to air dry or use a diffuser but never ever touch the curls.

No combing and no brushing.  Otherwise, your lovely curls will turn into a big ball of candy floss!

Air dry 

As far as possible, try to air dry your hair because the less heat you place on your hair when you blow dry, even if you are using the diffuser will help to retain more moisture which is very important to maintain healthy curls minus the frizz.

However, if you are in a rush, use low heat from the diffuser and remember not to scrunch.  Just quickly move the dryer around your hair and stop when your hair is halfway dry.

No oils

For best results and well defined curs, look for products that are not oil-based.  Only use oil if you don't want to wear your hair in ringlet form.  Oils will not disrupt your style but gel-like products will give a better hold and keep any frizz under control.

It's all in the Cut

One of the most important factor to having curly hair is the cut. If you find that the shape of your curls are turning into a pyramid, then it is time to seek out the hairstylist.  A great cut will have your curls falling in a flattering pattern that moves instead of resembling a big helmet of curls that looks stiff.

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