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Men, this is for you.  All is fair in love and war.  What you already know or have no inkling
about what women will lie about.

Women lie too and here we blow the cover off on 5 common fibs womenfolk tell.

LIES # 1 "I didn't touch it and I have no idea where it is!"

You're probably be familiar with this scenario:

She tidies up and suddenly his possessions go missing.  Most of the time, the said item mysteriously reappears somewhere else,  like in her handbag.  When asked to explain how it got there, she will suddenly remember that it was found lying around and she wanted to keep it away.

Ladies, we have to face the fact that some men are untidy when it comes to their things and they will leave them lying around to form clutter.  If you want to move it somewhere else,  the very least you can do is to remember where you left it and don't just say,  "I have not touched it!" lie to your man.  It would be better to keep it somewhere he can see it and do give him a heads up.  Another habit you should avoid is to nag.  This will not help to change your man into a neat guy overnight or for that matter anytime soon.

LIES # 2 "Of course,  I love that too!"

Granted that women have hobbies but why is it that whatever their men enjoys doing in his off days, all of a sudden, it is also the women's favorite interest too?  A man could randomly tell a woman that he enjoys rock climbing with a purple crayon in his haversack" and she says, "Of course, I love that too!"  

Somehow ladies like their man to think there is a deep rooted connection that makes you love all the things they love and vice versa.  This is kind of weird than impressive when they take it to the extreme. 

Gentlemen, next time a lady pretends to like something just so she thinks she can connect with you on a guy level, take her to a boring match and chuckle quietly into your popcorn as she struggles to hold her passionate smile in place for a little longer.


You would be hard put to swallow this statement when a woman says this no matter how confident she sounds.  A woman might think that she can accept her man the way he is, but that is until she comes to a realization that he has some annoying habits.  She then starts to compile a profile of  her perfect man in her mind.

If they won't change a thing about men then why do they nag their man to squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom up, shave and keep the toilet seat down after use?  A woman may say that these are the mannerisms she loves about her man because that's just him(by the way,  other men in the world also share the same habits),  but when they keep yelling at their partner, you realise they were just saying that they won't change anything about them out of politeness.  It goes to show that women are sensitive towards your feelings.


According to a survey published in the Journal of Sex Research states that 68 per cent of women strike off a few notches when asked about their past sexual encounters.  For the simple reason that there is still a large amount of social stigma attached to women who have had many sexual encounters with different partners, and along with derogatory labels used to define them.  So it is no surprise that women would rather lie and keep the actual numbers low.

A general rule of thumb for the man to say how may women he has slept with, you should take three off to get an accurate number.  Though for women, you add three more.

In societies that are more liberal in this subject, women should perhaps be treated equally to men, yet the fact is, they still feel pressured to be less forthcoming when the question arises.


This is the classic lie.  Women want the truth about whether the dress is for them or not, but when they are told they look great in it, they never believe the poor worried man who just complimented her.  Her reply would usually be something like this, "Great?,  I look great?  Do you mean it?"  

When the man says, "Umm, maybe you should change the dress or something."  All of a sudden he becomes the insulting bad guy who hates her body.  It is a "Say it he dies, don't say it, he dies also" situation that a guy would be unfortunate to fall into at some point in their life.  

Alarm bells will ring in the man's mind as soon as he sees his lady love changing into a new dress and he'll make himself scarce for the duration until she emerges from the bedroom.

So ladies, choose to scare off your man with this lie or try putting it this way, "Tell me the truth or tell me a lie, either way, I'll be mad at you", and give the chap a chance to run for the hills!

My next topic for discussion is, "Another Five More Myths About Weight Loss."

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We've all been there,
Give men a scare.
Replies, he dies,
or takes off,  flies.
What makes up lies?
We tell are fives.
Before we dive,
stop, change and strive.
Let's make amend,
and treat our men,
Speak honest, lives.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.  Until my next post,

Here's To Your Health!
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