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Honesty blossum
Honesty blossum (Photo credit: Steve Slater (Wildlife Encounters))

As a man you suddenly realise that when it comes to attracting the fairer sex,  you are not sure where to begin.  

To find out more, here are some tips to point you to the love lane.

Most women have a composite picture of the kind of man they want in their lives.   And some women will visualize in technicolor.  They seek out potential partners based on their preferences.  A man who who wants to attract the right woman must know what type of man a woman wants in order to be chosen to be their possible mate for life.

There are some women who tend to gravitate towards the 'bad boy' image but remember that these interactions will more than likely fizzle out before it even started.  

Generally, women desire a lasting relationship based on specific qualities they find in men that are attractive and life partner material.  Being good looking alone may not have merits for a woman who is looking for love.

Here are five qualities of a man that would appeal to women.

Honesty and Loyalty

All women value trust and a man must be seen and act trustworthy.  The trust is earned when the man is kind, charming and be a genuine gentlemanly.

Unfortunately, there are men who put on an act to seduce women.  They are the time wasters disguised as princes, con artists and rarely does the relationship have a happy ending.

The fact is, once the woman has a bad experience in the dating game, she will remember it for a very long time and may have difficulty trusting a man.  

So, to win over the woman, first, you have to be honest and second, show your loyalty to her.
A note to those who were less than a gentleman in the past, it may be best to keep it quiet in the early stage of courting as you have, (and please be honest) turned a new leaf.  

In such a situation, it is best not to bring up your past or how you broke your ex's heart. Give yourself a second chance to make amends and be a better man for your new lady love who deserves it.

Witty and humorous

Women are attracted to men who have a good  sense of humor and the ability to make a woman laugh is a favorable sign for the woman who is seeking a potential partner.

Studies have shown that many women love humor in the man over looks. Being humorous acts as a natural aphrodisiac that relaxes both of you especially the woman who could possible view you from a okay guy to her hero in thirty seconds flat!

Has an ambition

Men who has drive, men who have goals, men who have a burning desire to be successful in life.  An ambitious man clearly attracts women.  That does not mean you have to climb the career ladder like a speeding bullet to be considered ambitious, but it will make it much easier winning over the woman if you can show some form of planning, objective, passion or ambition in life.

Women don't go for men who wait for things to happen, so if this is what you are doing, you need to start  making changes.  Begin filling your life with interests and hobbies.  Things that you can talk about when your lady love asks you what you enjoy doing.  

Talk the walk and walk the talk.  When you say that you want to do something, do it and do it well.  Women will fall at your feet because of this.

Practice good hygiene

This goes without saying.  Being a rebel without a cause may get you a following of adoring girls in school,  but greasy hair, dirty finger nails and lingering body odor will get zero points in the ladies'  books.

Take pride in your appearance with a basic hygiene routine.  Take a shower, clean and trim your nails, get a good hair cut and wear decent clothes.  Sloppiness is not sexiness.  So make sure to scrub behind your ears!

Dominant and protective

The feminist  or independent women may not agree with this quality but scientific studies have suggested that women are subconsciously attracted to dominant and assertive men.

This does not mean that you should make your partner feel uncomfortable and intimidated.  
No woman wants to feel threatened or backed into a corner with your overzealous expression of affection by passionately hugging her every chance you get.  

However, if a difficult situation comes up though, take charge and be protective over her even though you may be in a state of panic when you have to catch a spider in the bathroom, try your very best to be fearless.

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An Apprentice Artist Dilemma

Stillness of the night,
Can't get the sketching right.
Trying to draw a diva,
So close and yet so far.
An apprentice artist's dilemma.
Tomorrow a new day come,
I will not remain glum.
I've got the eyes down pat,
The nose differs a tad.
The face needs more work.
That's definitely the irk.

This last time was a charm!
Pencils sharpened.
Kept my  calm.
Grid was lengthen,
Now it's done!

Though it's not an exact science,
I think I've got most of the lines.
I know that I have tried
and now, I'm satisfied.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.  Until my next post, Here's To Your Health!
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