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English: Eyebrow threading
English: Eyebrow threading (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Threading is a technique that uses string to extract facial hair was passed down through generations in Egypt and India.

Facial Hair Threading-What to expect?

This is the process.

The person who has experience in threading uses a cotton string in a twisting motion, trapping hair in a mini lasso that pulls up each hair right out of the follicle as it passes over the skin. 

It is quite amazing to watch this artful technique.  And it is much quicker than waxing because hardly any prepping of the skin is needed, apply product or strips.  

The skillful manipulation of the string and deft speed can't even compare to the very slow and monotonous chore of tweezing and frankly who has time for that? 

While everyone differs, a skilled 'threader' can easily perform eyebrow threading in two minutes flat.

You'll have to find someone experienced in facial hair threading, it's not something offered at most salons and spas. Once you experience the speed, you might just toss your tweezers away.

Why should you try Facial Hair Threading?

Those who have sensitive brows can benefit from this method compared to waxing as this option tend to leave your skin red, inflamed and in some cases scabs will form because of the ingredients or excessive pulling on the skin.

Having facial hairs can make your face look dark.  Threading helps to remove them and reveal a fairer skin.  

Threading, barely touches the skin and the best part is no chemicals are used at all and it is sanitary because the thread is discarded after use.

English: The upper part of the face of a young...
The upper part of the face of a young man with hair between the eyebrows. The subject has given permission for this image to be used to illustrate the human eyebrow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Long lasting and well defined brows

Some short hairs may still be left on your eyebrows even after a waxing or a tweezing.  Threading can remove all the short hairs and your brow will be defined and have a clean look.

Not only women, but men with unruly brows can benefit from this method and look well groomed.

What is the cost?

A threading salon will charge anywhere about $12 - $50 for eyebrows, and is generally less than a professional waxing or sugaring. But many women do threading out of their home, charging as little as $5 for eyebrows and $2 for a lip or chin.

hair follicle
hair follicle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How long does threading last?

If the threader is very skillful, you will be hair free for up to 6
weeks.  The best news is that this temporary result can be permanent.  Over time, frequent threading can stop the hair follicle  from growing as it will be damaged.


  • If the threader is not skillful, the hairs can break and if it does, regrowth will be much faster.
  • You may find it difficult to look for a threader especially if you are living in a large city so consider yourself lucky if you can find a good one in your community.
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