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Eyebrows drawn using pencil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"Every woman needs to fill in her brows as part of her normal beauty routine."  This is what the beauty experts are saying.  

One makeup artist in particular, Dick Page once told the editors of Allure that he had never seen any model he had worked with who did not need to have her eyebrows filled in.  

The majority women are born with sparse brows or perhaps they were overzealous in tweezing that their brows resemble 2 thin lines.  And all you need to fix your brows is a pencil, powder, an angled brush or a clean mascara brush.

Pencil and Powder Shade

Bear in mind that pencils and powder will only stick to skin and not to hair.  So, you have to shade in the skin area where hair should grow.
  • Pick a soft pencil which is a shade lighter than your brows and a powder which matches the color of brows. 
  • If brows are very fair, choose a pencil that's a shade darker than brows.
  • Hard pencils tend to be waxy and the color will not effectively adhere to your skin.

The eyebrow pencil on the left is a dark brow shade while the one on the right is greyish black
Photo credit: Philo Yan

Retractable Eyebrow Pencil and brow brush
Photo credit: Philo Yan

Brow check

Comb out brows with a clean mascara wand or brow brush. Check and note the sparse spots.

How to fill in with Pencil

Use the pencil to fill in the sparse spots with short, feathery strokes. 

Apply in the direction of hair growth. The key here is not to create a definite line, but to create the   appearance of hair. 

Be careful not to pencil in the entire brow, which will result in an unnatural look.

Your pencil should be super soft so it goes on with the slightest pressure.  But if you have a pencil that's too hard, warm the tip by rubbing it between your fingers.

Personally, I am using a retractable eyebrow pencil that is angled and comes with a brow brush to smooth out the color.  The color I am using is greyish black.  The arch of of my left eyebrow is higher than my left brow and the tails are also uneven.  To balance the line, I have to remove the tails and draw it in.  That where the angled pencil comes in handy as I have more control of the darkness and the taper of the tail.

Follow With Eyeshadow or Brow Powder

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A palette of brown shades of powder eyeshadow.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dip an angled brush or a clean mascara wand in dark or light brown eyeshadow. Brush the powder along the brows. 

It should stick to the pencil, while also acting to blend in the color perfectly. 

For more staying powder, dampen the brush slightly before dipping it into color.

Two Colors Instead of One?

You can try two colors when filling in brows: A light powder where brows are thickest and a darker shade for the tail ends.

Set Brows

To keep brows in place, spritz hairspray on your finger and brush onto the brow.

Over tweezed?

Mona Lisa
Photo credit
If you've over plucked, it will take a few months to a couple years for hair to grow back.  You may risk losing all your eyebrow hair and be browless  like Mona Lisa!

Condition Brows

Conditioning your brows with coconut, jojoba or castor oil is a great way to keep brows healthy and looking great.  Use a clean mascara wand to apply the oil.

The Shape of Brows

Thick brows Photo credit:Wikipedia
The days where brows were skinny are gone and fuller brows are preferred.  Have eyebrows shaped by a beautician every four weeks.  Use a good set of tweezers to clean up the hairline in between visits.  

According to an expert, always tweeze below the brow line.  Never tweeze from the top as it can ruin your natural arch.

In my case, I have to tweeze the top of my left eyebrow to lower the arch and match the right eyebrow.  So it all depends on whether your eyebrow lines are level or not that you may have to tweeze the top brow line.

Regrowth hair solution

Hair regrowth solution can be applied to eyebrows too.  Just be sure to test on a tiny patch on your brow to check in case you get rashes.

If you are still unsure about which eyebrow product will work for you, here are some pros and cons to make it easier for you to decide.

Eyebrow pencil: Probably the most popular product to spruce up the brows, a brow pencil should be light and soft enough to glide right over the brows, but not so hard as to tug at the skin.Easy to use and control, lasts a long time, and can be very natural looking when applied correctly. Pencils can look harsh or too "drawn on." To avoid the Joan Crawford look, pinch the tip to warm it up if needed, and use very light, quick, and feathery motions to mimic what hair looks like. Clean up any harsh lines with a Q-tip dunked in makeup remover.
Eyebrow powder: A matte pressed powder that's highly pigmented to fill in gaps or help to reshape the brow. Tip: an eyeshadow that matches the hair will also work, too.Very natural looking, great for filling in patches, long-lasting, and versatile. (Can be used over a brow pencil to set it, and can also be used under a gel.)Can look too dense if not applied properly. To avoid a heavy-looking brow, use a brow powder with an angled brush. If the look is still harsh, apply a bit of loose powder over the brows to offset.
Eyebrow gel: A lightweight, mascara-like product that not only helps to tame unruly brows, but also sets other powders and pencils. Comes in clear or slightly tinted gel formulas.Fast and easy to use. Perfect for someone who doesn't really need to fill in the brows, but wants to create a bit of volume or add a slight hint of color. Tip: for the most natural look, keep the gel application to the brows only. Trying to reshape the brow with an eyebrow gel will only give you messy and completely unnatural results. Stick to a gel's intended purpose of enhancing and setting instead.
Cream products: A creamy, highly-pigmented formula applied with a brush. Gives the most coverage.Great for people who really need extra help in the brow department. Harder to find, not as easy to control, doesn't always look very natural, and can have a tendency to smudge. (Set with powder to avoid slip ups.)
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My next topic for discussion is,  "Shaping Your Eyebrows."

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