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You used to take Pepsi or Coca Cola for that cold bubbly, sweet beverage and to get their caffeine fix plus sugary high.  Then when you realise that it's not good for your body, you turn to Diet Soda thinking that is has no calories. Well, think again.

Diet Coke has been reported to beat out Pepsi for consumers in the US and only Coke beats them both in total sales.   Recent research have found that  if you’re drinking diet soda, it will still might make you gain weight. Find out why.
Researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center have presented strong data proving that diet soda may make us fat.  It was found that the more you drink this stuff, the more weight you will gain.

On the whole, every soda drinker who go for sugar sweetened or diet gains weight compared to those who don't drink soda at all.  But the surprising find was that those who drink only diet soda actually gained more weight than those who only drink regular soda.  The risk of being overweight is as much of 41% increase for each can or bottle of diet drink a person takes every day.

Why does diet soda make us fat? 

Don't be deceived by the word, "low-fat" as these type of foods could also make us fat
Here are some theories:
  • Some people eat a lot of other foods and rationalise that they can achieve a balance by drinking diet soda later which the reality is, you are just binging.  Replace the diet soda with water and eat less instead.
  • Food or drinks that come in a pre-packed, canned or bottled form other than water will trigger our gastric juices to get flowing for digestion.  Added sugars or artificial flavorings make us feel hungry.  Our body then gets ready for the process of digestion plus absorption of nutrients.  The problem is that Diet Sodas actually deliver nothing but a whole lot of chemicals,  and our brains get the message that we need to eat something to fill our now juiced up engine.
  • The tongue detects sweet taste such as sugars or carbohydrates, and it prompts the body to start producing insulin to help regulate blood sugar levels.  Since diet soda, has a sweet flavor but no actual sugar,  our bodies will crave sugar because our blood sugar levels have become unstable.  Therefore, consuming diet soda has also been linked to diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions. 
The safest and effective way to fight fatigue and hunger is to consume more water.  Very often people mistaken thirst for hunger.  Just by drinking a full glass of water will starve off  cravings that can be harmful to our health if it gets out of control. 

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