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Women may find these attributes unattractive in men.  Some are bad habits men picked up along the way when presented to a woman would find it truly offensive to the point of sickening.

Here are seven habits of men that women will dislike.

Habit no. 1  Bragging

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Some men will blow themselves up like a hot air balloon that it comes 
across to the women they are trying to appear to be a viable catch.  They will tell you how amazing their jobs are, that they make plenty of money, have dated gorgeous women and how they have many friends who love them.  

You can't get a word in to talk about yourself because he has not finish boasting about his car and his house and his wonderful personality. (really?)   They are mistaken if they think that bragging will make the ladies overlook the fact that they are so boring.  

Having an ego as big as the planet Mars would not make the ladies hang onto your every word or stick around.  So do be humble and  try getting to know your female companion by asking questions about her instead of preening your own feathers like a peacock.

Habit No. 2 Being vulgar

You are not expected to behave like the gentlemen from the Victorian period, but when you are being rude, it will chase the ladies away because it is a huge turn off.

For example, after taking a lady for a few dates and treating her like a queen, suddenly you drop her off to walk alone down a dark alley to find her car is the day your attractiveness will drop to sub zero.  

Women want a man  to treat her with respect and has old fashioned values.  They like to be shown some care and feel safe when they are with you, not feel as though you could drop them at a moments notice just because you are in a hurry to join your drinking buddies.

Habit No. 3 Lacking a sense of humor

Jazz Has a Sense of Humor
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For a man to attract the ladies, this is one trait he must possess and it is to have a good sense of humor.  Humor is a powerful tool in a conversation, especially when you find yourself in an awkward moment.  Not having one makes you seem too serious and boring.  Laughing relaxes the body and mind instantly compared to sitting quietly with a serious face which is not very attractive.

A guy who laughs with his friends, is seen by the woman as a fun person to be around.  Women like a man who is intelligent enough to make them laugh hard and won't give them an evil eye when they chuckle.

Habit No. 4 Tug and scratch your private parts

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Gorilla Scratching Head (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We like to hold our man's big hands, the same big hands that make us feel safe, the hands that you make drinks with and the hands that you also scratch your privates with it and to our horror right in front of us!  

It is a definite turn off for women when men scratch down there without a care in the world.  It adds on to the grossness when you start stealing our popcorn and choose to dig into the carton with the same hand after doing the obnoxious deed!

The decent thing you could do is to go to the bathroom and fix the itchiness and do wash your hands afterwards.

Habit No. 5 Not ambitious

Most women find men who have a focus in life very attractive.  Needless to say, women do not respect men who have no ambition to achieve anything.  

If a man cannot speak about their goals, ideas and things he wants to do with his life,  he is setting himself up for failure in relationships as women will not choose such a man to settle down with.  Wasting time on video games and nothing else is deplorable and boring.

Habit No. 6  Treating women like cleaners 

Yes, some women will nag and it annoys the man, right?  Well, then don't give the woman a reason to nag in the first place.  If you did not drop your clothes as you walk across the bedroom to the bathroom, leave food lying around and draping your wet towels on the sofa, then women would not have anything to nag about.  Men think that women are clean freaks who makes it a mission to clean and tidy up when, in actual fact, women just don't want to stay in a pig sty.

The man will suddenly look less than attractive once a woman sees his boxer's shorts, dirty socks and shoes strewn all over the floor plus his beard trimming scattered in the sink.  Women clean up their own stuff, so should the men do the same with theirs.  It may never happen, but the man's attractive meter will shoot up a few degrees if he does it.

Habit No. 7  Being possessive or overly protective

There is a really thin line between making the woman feel safe and cared for and being smothered by the man who is over protective of her.  Such behavior is a sign of insecurity, and women like men to be tough, confident and independent. 

Jumping to conclusions and throwing accusations that his woman is flirting with every man she talks to or looks at is annoying and makes the man very unattractive.  Acting as though he owns her is a sure fire indicator for the woman to break up with the man.

My next topic for discussion is, "7 Thing Men Dislike About Women."

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The seven deadly sins,
of men can turn
any woman in.
The chances to find a love
that's true has never been,
So easy,  Victorious win. 

Not climbing,Not cleaning,
and too clinging.

A lot of work to do,
for her to choose you.
Try turning dislikes,
into adoring likes.
To win the heart of a woman,
become an attractive man.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Until my next post, 

Here's To Your Health!
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